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  • see Implementation programmes.

  • Other geoservices:

    • Add attributes concerning accompanying documents for PLR datasets.

    • Implement minor change of MGDM Planerischer Gew√§sserschutz (v1.2).


  • Add export format CSV.

  • Simplification of preview map.

  • Data processes: Parallelisation of validation (ilivalidator) and import (ili2pg) when multiple files are delivered. This will increase the data processing time for data integrations several times over, especially for topic av.

  • Data processes: add partial import functionality for schema transformation. This will increase the data processing time for data integrations, especially for heavy topics.

  • Data processes: the validation step during data import is skipped if the data has already been proven (by appended logfiles) to be sufficiently validated.

  • Data processes: add functionality so that providers can enable other data suppliers to upload data to The providers can obtain the data provided in this way, check it and, if necessary, publish it directly in corresponding offers or reject it.

  • API import tasks status: Addition of the resulting validation status per file to the query results.

    API service information: addition of the time of the last publication per INTERLIS file.

  • Nice 404 page.


  • Prevent sudden logout (this bug has been observed especially with chrome based browsers).

3.7.3 (Hotfix, 6.11.2023)



  • Enforce the password requirements introduced with release v3.7.2.

  • Upgrade Postgres and PostGIS.

  • Update testimonials.

3.7.2 (Hotfix, 28.9.2023)


  • Data processes: In rare cases, ongoing data imports, publications or data exports abort without an error message. This error crept in with the last release and has now been fixed.


  • Improve security

3.7.2 (Release, 7.9.2023)