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  • Add export format CSV.

  • Simplification of preview map.

  • Data processes: Parallelisation of validation (ilivalidator) and import (ili2pg) when multiple files are delivered. This will increase the data processing time for data integrations several times over, especially for topic av.

  • Data processes: the validation step during data import is skipped if the data has already been proven (by appended logfiles) to be sufficiently validated.

  • API service information: addition of the time of the last publication per INTERLIS file.

  • Extension of the API data export (addition of an API endpoint for the creation of a new order).

  • Support HTML format for answering WMS information queries.

  • Nice 404 page.


  • Improve test automation.

  • Further automate deployments


    • Cantons: Fix a bug that caused cantons to be unable to activate offers based on raster data via the GUI as intended.

    • Fix a bug in the registration process: When you create a new account and click on the confirmation link in the email, the page opens with the message that the account has already been confirmed.


    • Improve test automation.

    • Further automate deployments.

    3.7.5 (Release, 13.03.2024)


    • Topic kataster_belasteter_standorte: Implement missing multilingualism for the attributes "katastername" and "zustaendige_behoerde"

    • Topic av: Imporove performance of WMS and WFS.

    • Topics lwb_*: Remove the prefix “Landw. Bewirtschaftung” from the topic titles.

    • Topic lwb_bewirtschaftungseinheit: Add attribute bur_nr.


    • Fix a rare error when exporting the DXF GEOBAU format, which leads to the absence of a dxf file in the delivered ZIP file

    • Cantons: Prevent the unintentional import of catalogue elements via XTF files by providers.

    • Cantons: add the missing format DXF GEOBAU when exporting the access statistics.


    • Mark mandatory fields in the feedback form.

    • Remove unnecessary and security-relevant information from the data import logs.

    • Delete obsolete import and publish logs older than 2 years.

    3.7.4 (Release, 24.01.2024)


    • Fix "failed to fetch" error within swagger when using on and vise versa .


    • Improve performance of AtomFeed.

    • Improve internal management of cantonal offer planning.

    • Implement various improvements on data management and service operation.